Bradford Exchange Bronze NHL Ornaments

$25.00/pair | $45.00/set.

Check out these officially licensed NHL Christmas ornaments from the Bradford Exchange!

Montreal Canadiens® Cold-Cast Bronze Ornament Set | Artesano GalleriaSince 1909, the Montreal Canadiens® have cultivated a fan base of loyal followers. Each new season brings the promise of adding another chapter to their winning legacy. Now, celebrate the historic highs of the Montreal Canadiens® with Christmas ornaments of the teams epic years on the ice: the Montreal Canadiens® Ornament Set, a first-everavailable from The Bradford Exchange. This dramatic two-ornament set captures the spirit of the team in gleaming cold-cast bronze and any true Canadiens® fan will be thrilled to hang them on their tree each Christmas season, forever declaring where your loyalty lies.

Officially licensed by the NHL®, your cold-cast bronze Canadiens® ornament set is expertly handcrafted with a classic, timeless look. Featuring a unique hockey puck shape, topped with a full-action player sculpture on top, each ornament features official team logos, the team conference name and significant dates and achievements in the franchise history. Plus, each treasure in this NHL® ornament set arrives with a team-coloured hanging ribbon, for immediate display. Strong demand is expected for these Montreal Canadiens® Christmas ornaments, so don’t wait to score yours.


Toronto Maple Leafs® Cold-Cast Bronze Ornaments Set | Artesano GalleriaFrom the moment the team was founded in 1917, the Toronto Maple Leafs® have been making hockey history. With each new season on the ice, their loyal fans can always look forward to the next big record-breaking event. Now, celebrate the Toronto Maple Leafs® with Christmas ornaments that honour their illustrous legacy: the Toronto Maple Leafs® Christmas Ornament Set, a first-ever two-ornament set available from The Bradford Exchange. Capturing the beloved team’s historic highlights in gleaming cold-cast bronze, this Maple Leafs® ornament set is a must-have for fans, and the ideal way to mark each Christmas season with your NHL® devotion.

Officially licensed by the NHL®, each of the Maple Leafs® ornaments in this set is expertly handcrafted of cold-cast bronze for a timeless look that will brighten any holiday tree. They feature a unique hockey puck shape and showcase the official team logos and conference name on the front, while the back charts significant dates and achievements in franchise history. And, to recall the look of coveted sports trophies, each Leafs® ornament is topped with a fully sculpted hockey player in action. There are even team-coloured hanging ribbons to immediately display your NHL® ornament set. Intense demand is expected for these Toronto Maple Leafs® Christmas ornaments, so hurry.