Artesano Galleria's Decor Selection is a fun and exquisite assortment you won't find anywhere else

Artesano’s Indoor & Outdoor Decor

Looking Some New Decor for your Living Room?

How about a life size Betty Boop?

Looking to hide some critters in your backyard? We have dogs, pigs, wolves, raccoons… we even have wolverines! Who doesn’t want a wolverine in their backyard. Especially a friendly decorative one. That’s decor!

The third level of products at Artesano Galleria are our decor items. We have hundreds of fun and quirky items for the living room, dining room, breakfast nook, office, and that’s just INSIDE the home. Many of our decor items are great additions to a new yard sculpting. Lights for your gardens, animals to roam, chairs and tables, too. Take a look at our decor catalog to see what we’re carrying or come on in if you’re in the neighbourhood.

All the stock we display is stock that we are carrying. If an item gets retired, we will try to make sure we removeĀ it from our catalog as soon as possible. If you find out your beloved pterodactyl has been removed, call us anyway and let’s see if we can’t track down one of the illusive beasts.