Heat That! Gravy Boat


Heat That! Keep Gravy Hot | Artesano Galleria

It’s happened to all of us. Family comes to Thanksgiving dinner. Not quite everything in the kitchen is going to plan but… almost. Everyone’s sitting down and… there’s a little skin on top of the gravy and it’s ice cold! You know this because it’s your mother-in-law that pours it on her potatoes.

The Heat That! Gravy Boat absorbs the heat from within to keep that gravy piping hot for much much longer than conventional ceramic models. It even has a much sleeker and modern design. Compared to the hand-me-down one you got from your great aunt as a house warming gift, the Heat That! Gravy Boat is much more functional and visually appealing.

The Heat That! Gravy Boat will help make all your future Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners much warmer…

Well, it will help anyway.😉