Jonathan Adler MRS. Prefilled Citrus Breeze Reed Diffuser

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To give a touch of American glamor in a black and white spirit to your decoration, this magnificent scented bouquet is ideal.

Mrs. Citrus Breeze is the embodiment of femininity with its matt, luminous, and milky white color, but also with its silkscreen print representing a mouth. Her evocative name Mrs. is aimed at a female audience, such as Jonathan Adler's desire with this sober and chic design. This black and white color choice for the Mr. & Mrs. collection. reflects all the human complexity of relationships between men and women. Complex and faceted, just like the Citrus Breeze fragrance that makes up this bouquet. The Mrs. A flight of Citrus, the fragrance of which evokes a certain candor, delivers a zesty and sparkling freshness where tangy grapefruit meets spicy pink pepper and woody vetiver for a vintage scented atmosphere. All in lightness, this perfume with a pleasant wake takes you to the 90s, a time when pop culture was in the spotlight, so dear to the designer.