Maison Berger Aroma Respire Pre-filled Reed Diffuser- Icy Stroll

Maison Berger Aroma Respire Pre-filled Reed Diffuser- Icy Stroll

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Explore the snow-covered steppes of Siberia with the Aroma Respire scented bouquet. The Icy Stroll fragrance is enriched with essential oils of Eucalyptus and Peppermint, providing the feeling of rediscovered respiratory well-being. The fresh scents of menthol, the woody and comforting scents of pine needles and of aromatic thyme make it a fresh olfactory composition. 

This impression is reinforced with the frosted glass floral design of the reed diffuser. A certain rather wild naturalness is expressed, through the presence of natural willow stems. Thanks to its sought-after aromachological virtues, the Aroma Respire scented reed diffuser is already pre-filled with perfume and will easily find its place in the room of your choice.  

Aesthetic and functional, you can simultaneously benefit from its multiple positive benefits. The Aroma collection is growing day by day so that the gestures and the perfumes best meet your desires and needs.

Aroma Respire Icy Stroll

A very fluffy fragrance, aromatic, fresh, refreshing and mentholated to promote the feeling of respiratory well-being.


Eucalyptus, Menthol


Pine Needles, Mint