Jonathan Adler MR. Prefilled Wilderness Reed Diffuser

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Graphic interactions and modern juxtapositions form a daring scented bouquet that is both classic and fresh.

The Mr. Wilderness scented reed diffuser is truly original. Its matte black lacquered color is only marked by the serigraphy of an immaculate matte white for a two-tone decoration of the most beautiful effect. The names of designer Jonathan Adler and the fragrance stick diffuser are spelled out alongside the depiction of Dali's mustache. This Mr. Wilderness Scented Reed Diffuser is already pre-filled with perfume. 

Wildernesswas specially developed for the Mr. collection, Maison Berger Paris transcribed the memories of Jonathan Adler to create this exclusive fragrance. Masculine and woody, the notes of lime, tomato leaves and white birch intermingle and bring a new freshness. Then you are the man you always dreamed of being: fearless and sensual. A charming atmosphere that will settle in at least 5 weeks with you! The result of a unique artistic collaboration that reveals a common love for design and beautiful things.