Maison Berger Lampe - Muse Collection

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The Muse Collection - Both delicate and elegant

The premium fragrance items are made from porcelain and inspired by the creations of Jonathan Adler.

Each product is inspired by the desire to create a chic and elegant decoration, showing the brand's deep commitment to the craft, the quality materials and the passion for design.

The Lamp is an exact replica of the Muse vase. An iconic product that is also Jonathan Adler's best-seller.

The top's pattern reproduces the table leg, one of the artist's best-sellers.

Crafted top, created from scratch by Jonathan Adler. Enhancing the lamp body.

Embossed mouths on the body of the lamp. Some are embellished with a gold decoration.

Porcelain Lamp covered with white enamel. Premium, chic, elegant, opulent collection.