L'il Sally and Lucky

L'il Sally and Lucky

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Before they were making wounds ooze and flesh crawl as adults, the denizens of Halloween Town began the nightmare as scary youngsters. Now the 1993 classic has inspired an adorably ghoulish collection of creepy kids, complete with their own cuddly sidekicks for snuggling and scaring!

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Doll Collection is an Ashton-Drake exclusive paying tribute to the fantastical film in a way never seen before! Beginning with “Li’l Jack and Zero,” each issue includes a fully sculpted character handcrafted of artist’s resin to re-create every de-frightful detail. Then it is painted by hand and outfitted in fabric clothing to add to the nightmarish realism. “Li’l Sally and Lucky” are the second issue in the collection.

Measures 5" H; 12.7 cm H