Maison Berger Matali Crasset Clear Pre-filled Cube Reed Diffuser
Maison Berger

Maison Berger Matali Crasset Clear Pre-filled Cube Reed Diffuser

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A Frosted bottle with a decorated wick, airy weaving, and a netting set. The bottle’s top is frosted while the bottom is transparent. It is decorated with a shiny silvered ring. The ring has two holes, therefore it maintains the wick vertically. Natural & modern. This scented Reed DIffuser is innovative with its new unique distribution mode created by the designer Matali Crasset. Pre-filled with the Eternal Sap scent, an olfactory signature marked with its aromas of eucalyptus and clary sage but also its woody notes of patchouli. A true ode to nature.

Eternal Sap

Eternal Sap, a Soft and Enticing perfume with its aroma and fresh notes of Eucalyptus, Clary Sage and Indonesian Patchouli. The Eternal Sap fragrance is an olfactory journey to the heart of nature. It does not impose itself, it comes to reveal the present moment, it pushes back the walls so that nature is fully inside.


Green Notes, Eucalyptus, Grapefruit


Sage, Peppermint, Aloe Vera, Lotus Flower


Patchouli, Musk