Maison Berger Temptation Lamp Fragrance Trio Pack

Maison Berger Temptation Lamp Fragrance Trio Pack

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The temptation lamp fragrance trio-pack with 250 Heavenly Sun, Exquisite Sparkle, and Sandalwood Temptation.

Heavenly Sun - A fragrance that transports you elegantly like a solar breath with a very feminine aura, prodigiously sensual. Heavenly Sun, with fresh and sweet top notes, a mix of soft lemony magnolia and Intensive sweet floral of orange blossom, a silky aroma in the middle. Ending it with milky coconut notes and sweet vanilla laying at the base. An Enticing yet graceful and harmonious aroma.


Exquisite Sparkle - It all begins with the invigorating burst of grapefruit zest, followed by the elegance and sweetness of a floral bouquet. Lastly, the base notes are exhilarating and fruity... The Exquisite Sparkle Home Fragrance is the perfect illustration of celebration. It is the laughter of shared joy, the melody of fragrant happiness, Christmas celebrated with elegance and exuberance.


Sandalwood Temptation - In the head the fresh and aromatic flight of cardamom and rose accompanied by a milky sandalwood and a slightly dry cedar. A white jasmine accompanied with the myrtle are in harmony. Then light amber and vanilla notes bring their touch of elegance and character.