Mickey Mouse Rotating Globe

Mickey Mouse Rotating Globe

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In celebration of the 90th anniversary of Mickey Mouse coming in November 2018, a Bradford Exchange design debut puts an enchanting new spin on treasured memories with Mickey Mouse. A masterpiece of music, motion and magic, the Disney Mickey Mouse Rotating Musical Glitter Globe takes you on a heartwarming journey with the mouse who started it all.

Give this treasure a gentle shake and watch as glitter swirls around a sculptural figure of Mickey Mouse, captured in a fun pose inside the sparkling glass globe. Two crystal-clear mouse ears provide the perfect crowning touches. And even more magic awaits below...

Spinning merrily atop a rotating base detailed with a classic filmstrip design and vintage Disney artwork, a parade of hand-painted Mickey Mouse figures celebrate seven of his most memorable roles—from “The Band Concert” and “Brave Little Tailor” in the 1930’s to 1940’s Disney Fantasia and more.

Measures about 7.5\" H x 6\" W

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