Prepara Pop Savor

Prepara Pop Savor

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Our Pop Savors are a revolution in storage convenience. Indispensible for at-hand conveniences, they open and close with the flick of a finger. The ceramic base with integrated silicone ‘pop’ top, protect the contents from dirt and moisture. Each Pop Savor also comes with a coupled measuring spoon, ensuring it’s always at hand. They are perfect for salt, sugar, spices, grated cheese, nuts, candies, pickles… even office and art supplies.


  • Integrated ‘1 touch’ to open silicone lid
  • Convenient 1/2 tsp. ceramic measuring spoon
  • Looks great in any kitchen
  • One fingered ‘pop’ top for speedy access
  • Keeps contents covered and prevents contamination, and splashes
  • Decorative stainless steel band
  • High quality ceramic base


  • Height: 4.5"
  • Width: 4.5"
  • Depth : 5.5"

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