Taproom Cocktail Shaker

Taproom Cocktail Shaker

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Taproom is a range of barware accessories by Taylor's Eye Witness.

Fancy a classic martini or a fruity mocktail? Love mixing drinks at home for friends and family? Then why not impress your guests with this Classic Glass Cocktail Shaker in gold-finished stainless steel.

This 400ml cobbler-styled cocktail shaker comes with a built-in strainer in the pouring neck helps to strain out pulp and seeds. The silicone seal around the cap will hold your drink tight while being shaken (but not stirred). The cap doubles as a spirit measure for a single shot. What's more, it's printed with 6 cocktail recipes for Sidecar, Manhattan, Long Island Tea, Singapore Sling, Espresso Martini and Piña Colada. That's the spirit, cheers!

We stock reusable stainless steel straws to go with your cocktails.

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