Wonder Woman Justice Fight

Wonder Woman Justice Fight

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Raised as Princess Diana on the hidden island of Themyscira and trained to be an unconquerable warrior, Wonder Woman™ is a fierce symbol of truth, justice and equality! She is an equal among the Super Heroes and gifted with great strength, flight, superhuman agility, magic weaponry and more. As beautiful as Aphrodite and stronger than Hercules, she is determined to bring protection, promote peace and seek justice as she battles againt the Amazons’ greatest mortal enemy, Ares, the god of war!

Share in the awesome power of this beloved DC Super Hero with “Wonder Woman: Justice Fighter,” a first-ever Treasured Reflections Limited Edition celebrating this iconic heroine as she fulfills her destiny. Officially licensed by DC Comics and inspired by the fantasy sci-fi blockbuster movie, this thrilling premiere is yours now from The Hamilton Collection!

“Wonder Woman: Justice Fighter” is entirely handcrafted to capture every extraordinary detail of this legendary superheroine. From her famous pose as she wields the Lasso of Truth to her iconic costume and Bracelets of Submission, every detail is recreated with perfection by our talented Master Artisans. Sparkling Swarovski crystals, glitter, metallic accents and a mirrored base complete this must-have tribute created for loyal fans of DC Comics.

Measures 7.5\" H

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