Ballerina Carousel

Ballerina Carousel

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You wish your granddaughter the best life has to offer... love, joy, happiness, hope, beauty, and peace! Now you can give her an enchanting carousel that lets her know she makes your heart dance. This hand-painted and elaborately adorned carousel conveys your heartfelt wishes and is lavished with 50 brilliant jewels, raised-relief butterflies, and silvery hearts, bows, and stars. A sparkling pavé heart crowns the top of the carousel’s elegant canopy.

Plus, with the flip of a switch, lights shine down on three graceful ballerinas as they twirl ‘round to the beloved melody of “Swan Lake.” The pretty dancers are sculpted in exquisite detail, from their buns to their pointed shoes. And for the finishing touch, the base features a special message for your granddaughter.

Measures about 9½\\\" H x 4¾\\\" D.

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