Banneton oval bread proofing basket 10x6

Banneton oval bread proofing basket 10x6

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Our Bannetons are handmade in Vietnam, by skilled craftspeople that pass the knowledge on from generation to generation. The cane is grown locally and the covers, which are included, and made in the same villages. 

A Banneton will help your dough rise better and keep a perfect shape.

14 Inch Oval = 34.5 cm x 15cm x 8cm - dough weight approx .5 to .75 kg

Before You Use it The First Time - Wipe it with a cloth towel. To use - First prepare the basket by coating it thoroughly with flour and shaking out the excess, then place the kneaded dough in the basket until it rises. After dough has risen, take the dough out and transfer it to a baking sheet for oven baking. Do not put the in the oven, it is not for baking.

Cleaning - After each use, shake and brush out excess flour. You may rinse it lightly, but remember to hand dry it with a towel right away after rinsing. Let air dry thoroughly before storing the basket.