Bradford Exchange Doryu Dragon

Bradford Exchange Doryu Dragon

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In folklore, the skies are alive with a variety of majestic dragons. Though every culture looks upon these noble creatures differently, there\'s one thing they all agree on - baby dragons are absolutely enchanting! Now, bring their irresistible charm to your realm with the Mystical Dragonlings Dragon Baby Doll Collection, available exclusively from Ashton-Drake.

Each fantasy dragonling in this collection is masterfully sculpted and handcrafted in high-quality artist\'s vinyl to bring out their unique personality, with lifelike details including intricate scales, horns and claws - plus a darling expression with realistic inset eyes. For added delight, they are articulated in seven places, so their bodies are poseable to create a variety of spellbinding poses, whether together or apart. In order to keep them well behaved, each one arrives with a blanket to sit on and a unique accessory designed especially for baby dragons. Whether you keep these baby dragons to love yourself or give as a unique fantasy gift, these adorable dragonlings are sure to enchant!

Measure 8\" H seated; 20.3 cm H

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