Bradford st michaels victorious

Bradford st michaels victorious

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Thanks to an amazing new casting technique, the glorious translucence of real marble unites with the finest artists’ resins to inspire “St. Michael: Victorious,” a hand-sculpted, museum-quality piece, thrilling from every angle. Capturing the moment when the warrior angel defeats the dragon Satan in the Book of Revelation, “St. Michael: Victorious” is the Premiere Edition in the Archangels, Holy Protectors Cold-Cast Marble Sculpture Collection, available only from The Bradford Exchange.

The pure embodiment of virtue Michael, the Protector, assumes the hero’s victorious stance, his magnificent wings unfurled and alive with detail. The prince-soldier is elaborately arrayed in the finest armor. His golden breastplate and knee plates display heraldic symbols of nobility and bravery. His sword, of marbleized metal, has completed its valiant mission, and his shield gleams with lofty purpose. His handsome face and physique are godlike in cold-cast marble.

At the feet of the archangel lies the lifeless serpent, the Evil One, forever vanquished. Incredible detailing depicts the misery of Satan’s defeat, as his awesome golden spines of fire now reflect the glorious triumph of his slayer.

Measures about 10 inches high.