Dragon Mountain

Dragon Mountain

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Welcome to where dragons fill their role as valiant guardians...the Protectors of the Keep Masterpiece Sculpture from The Bradford Exchange.

Meticulous hand-crafting and hand-finishing in high-shine metallic paints distinguish each unique dragon in the Protectors of the Keep Masterpiece Sculpture. The medieval castle they protect is equally detailed, boasting a turret, bridge, hidden passages, and much more.

In dragon lore, the blue Leviathan at the base represents the vastness of the sea and the unlimited sky. A sea serpent like this was likely inspired by crocodiles. The purple Drake (from the archaic dracó, meaning “dragon”) represents passion, royal power, and control, making him a fierce and protective watchman. Symbolizing earth, vegetation and nature, the green Wyvern is likely inspired by the Komodo dragon. His strong tail, flared wings and horns make him notoriously aggressive. The red Dragon at the top symbolizes fire, speed, energy, and prowess in battle, particularly in Chinese mythology. It is a gathering of noble dragons as never before!

Measures about 13 inches high

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