Joker’s Last Laugh Hearse

Joker’s Last Laugh Hearse

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Holy ticking time bomb! Could this be the end of DYNAMIC DUO? Trapped inside the sinister ride of THE JOKER, time is running out fast for BATMAN, ROBIN and BATGIRL, too — as fast as that fiery fuse on the giant rocket strapped to the top! Will the CAPED CRUSADER find a way out? Will the streets of GOTHAM CITY ever be safe again? Or is this truly “THE JOKER’S Last Laugh”? This LIMITED-EDITION sculpture from popular artist Dave Aikins is inspired by the BATMAN Classic TV Series — and available ONLY from Hamilton!

Dave Aikins’ “THE JOKER’S Last Laugh” 1930s-style sculpted hearse is wickedly handcrafted to BIG 1:18 scale. With its gleaming green paint scheme and flashy purple accents, it’s a creepy cruiser worthy of the vilest of villains — THE JOKER! And riding along on the hood in fully sculpted detail, he’s got a lot to smile about — bags of freshly swiped loot in hand and those pesky masked do-gooders locked up in back!

Sculpted to 1:18 scale — measures a BIG 10” LONG!

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