Jonathan Adler MRS. Citrus Breeze Car Diffuser Kit

Jonathan Adler MRS. Citrus Breeze Car Diffuser Kit

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For a glamorous and sparkling interior with a smell to die for, this car diffuser will be the perfect companion for your journeys.

The Mrs. Citrus Breeze is a beautiful shiny silver, radiant and elegant like a jewel. The small, tight, pop-art-inspired circles add an appreciable vintage feel, and the embossed raised lips reinforce the feminine and graphic look of this diffuser. The finely chiseled corner of the mouth provides the extra detail that makes all the difference. This symbolism of the body refers to Misia Sert, muse and lover of Dali.

His genius is appreciated by the designer Jonathan Adler, who through these creations wanted to pay homage to him. We also find his name engraved on the periphery of the object.

As for that of Maison Berger Paris, the engraving is on the back. Enjoy the Citrus Breeze fragrance with this Mrs. Car Diffuser. A flight of Citrus with fresh and zesty scents. The olfactory, invigorating composition is worked around grapefruit, pink pepper and vetiver. A one-way ticket to America, all in pomp and excess.