Lumina Alien Baby Doll

Lumina Alien Baby Doll

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In the 1950s, reports of UFOs flooded U.S. newspapers. Their pilots were humanoid lifeforms, only four or five feet tall with giant black eyes and bright green skin. Researchers dubbed these interstellar creatures \"Little Green Men,\" and since then, they have become one of the most iconic alien species in UFO folklore. Now, one of their offspring is here to abduct your heart! Meet Lumina Alien Baby Doll, a one-of-a-kind alien doll by award-winning artist Ina Volprich, available exclusively from Ashton-Drake.

At a full 16 inches long, Lumina the alien baby doll is expertly handcrafted with audacious glow-in-the-dark vinyl skin. Her hand-painted body features unearthly markings that add to her out-of-this-world realism. You can position her in any way best fit for an extraterrestrial with a poseable body including a moving head, arms and legs. Even her hands and feet are otherworldly with only four fingers and three toes on each! Keep her warm and hidden from prodding researchers with the custom cosmic baby blanket that shimmers like bright stars in the sky - a place Lumina calls home.

Measures 16\" L; 40.6 cm L