Maison Berger Eternal Sap Car Diffuser Refill

Maison Berger Eternal Sap Car Diffuser Refill

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A little air of nature floats in your car with the Eternal Sap Car Diffuser Refills. Developed through a collaboration with French industrial designer Matali Crasset it's a fragrance full of simplicity and no-frills that tells a story, that of ingredients from ethical and sustainable sectors. 

This olfactory signature is made up of eucalyptus, which gives a fresh and dynamic momentum, clary sage, with its multiple olfactory nuances both powerful and sweet, but also ethically harvested Indonesian patchouli, with airy woody notes. A pleasant fragrant journey awaits you.

 These Eternal Sap Car Diffuser Refills, are packaged in a set of two, and suitable for all models of Maison Berger Paris car diffuser clips. 

You can also opt directly for the Eternal Sap car diffuser which includes the diffuser and refills. This sweet and enveloping scent also masks unwanted odors thanks to the ventilation system.