Maison Berger Stark Peau D’Ailleurs Reed Refill,  400ml

Maison Berger Stark Peau D’Ailleurs Reed Refill, 400ml

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Like the notes of a long-forgotten song, the aromas of this fragrance are familiar yet somehow inscrutable. Working with accomplished perfumer Annick Menardo, acclaimed French designer Philippe Starck first captured this magical sense of knowing but not knowing in his vegetal Peau d’Ailleurs body perfume. This airy, earthy perfume that pushes the boundaries of the imagination has been transposed by Maison Berger Paris into a home fragrance. Nestled within green notes, a fresh, unexpected mineral accord is revealed, enhanced by floral touches of violet, iris, and rose, in a refined and subtly powdered bouquet. This distant voyage between dream and reality closes on woody notes of patchouli and green vetiver entwined with leather and musk. Imbue your home with an aroma that awakens something familiar in your unconscious while revealing something completely new.

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