Nightmare Levitating

Nightmare Levitating

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Explore another side of Halloween Town, found in the mysterious glow of the golden moon! Transport your imagination back to the spectacularly surreal world of Disney Tim Burton’s \"The Nightmare Before Christmas.\" Defy gravity with the quirky, undead characters who call Halloween Town their home. Gaze upon Jack Skellington and Sally on Spiral Hill, or watch as the luminous, levitating moon continuously spins in mid-air with no strings attached to reveal Oogie Boogie\'s fiendish grin. Pair the innovation of this astonishingly unique structure with all your favorite movie characters featured on the Disney Tim Burton\'s The Nightmare Before Christmas Sculpture, a specially designed levitating moon available from The Bradford Exchange.

Crafted with levitating technology and concealed LED lights, the fantastical clockwise spinning moon hovers and rotates in mid-air thanks to hidden electro-magnets built into the base that emit a gravity defying energy. Simply plug in this fascinating Disney decor to harness the mesmerizing power. The matching base, covered in several of the movie’s other iconic characters from Disney Tim Burton’s \"The Nightmare Before Christmas\", also projects the bright LED glow. Generously give this captivating collectible as a unique gift or let its surreal levitating capabilities capture your attention endlessly for years on end.

AC adapter included

Moon measures 3\" in diameter; 7.6 cm in diameter; base measures 7\" L x 6-3/4\" H; 17.8 cm L x 17.1 cm H