Norpro - GripEZ Triple Peeler

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A triple-threat for any vegetable or fruit, this trifecta of peelers combines three different peelers in one tool. Simply turn the top of the peeler to select which of the three stainless steel blade styles is most suitable to your desired outcome: standard, serrated and Julienne or strip blade. The Grip-EZ triple peeler has a comfortably shaped soft handle that helps prevent hands from cramping or tiring; a safety guard for safer handling and storage; and a pointed tip to quickly remove unwanted spots or eyes from potatoes.

Suggested Usage:

Select number 1, the standard blade, for peeling potatoes and fruits and vegetables with hard skins.

Number 2 is the serrated blade which is best suited for peeling soft skinned fruits and vegetables like kiwi, pears and tomatoes.

Choosing number 3 allows for Julienne cuts with the strip blade peeler for vegetables creating Julienne slices or garnish from carrots, cucumbers, potatoes and squash.

Use the pointed tip of the Grip-EZ triple peeler to remove blemishes or eyes from potatoes.

Note, this is a large device, as peelers go: it is eight inches long, altogether, including the 3.5 inch long Grip EZ handle, which is about an inch in diameter. The cutting blades are about 1-3/4 inches long.