Purr-fectly Mad

Purr-fectly Mad

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Inspired by the Disney animated classic, Alice in Wonderland, our Mad Cat-ter figurine is steeped in whimsy ... brimming with charm ... ... and “Purr-fectly Mad.” And he’s celebrating your very merry unbirthday!

From the tip-top of his oversized hat to the etched detailing of his striped “fur,” every adorable inch of “Purr-fectly Mad” is crafted and painted by hand. And because your always-stylish host loves a little fun flare, his hatband is coated with lots of sparkling glitter!

Of course, no tea party is complete without a proper cup ... and this one-of-a-kind, topsy-turvy teacup with real paper tea bag label is splashily embellished with hand-applied patterns and graphics. Plus, it’s coated with a special hand-painted gloss that gives it the sleek, sophisticated luster of delicate fine china!

Measures about 5-1/8\" H.

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