Scanpan Classic Casserole Dish 32cm titanium non stick.

Scanpan Classic Casserole Dish 32cm titanium non stick.

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Scanpan Casserole Dish and Lid 32cm durable titanium non stick.

Size: 32cm diameter, 13cm deep, 7.5L capacity

Scanpan in Denmark have developed the perfect non stick pan. Using their own patented technology they have produced a surface that is very slippy and very durable. Unlike other non stick coatings the surface on Scanpan pans will never blister or peel - indeed Scanpan are so confident in the durability of their surface, that they do not discourage the use of metal implements! Extra thick, forge cast bases and thick side walls provide quick and even heat distribution to produce a range of pans that are a joy to use. Scanpan also make an excellent wok and grillpan which you will find in our specialist pans section.

  • Scanpan's pressure cast aluminium base will never warp or buckle - even if used on an Aga.
  • There are never any "hot spots" on Scanpan pans. The thick cast base on these saucepans provides even heat distribution.
  • Scanpan pans heat up quickly.
  • Scanpan pans have a patented ceramic titanium non stick surface which is a permenent part of the pan and will not come off.
  • Scanpan pans will never peel or blister.
  • Scanpan pans provide a perfect release every time
  • Metal utensils can be used on scanpan pans - there's ne need to buy special utensils.
  • Scanapn pans do not need to be oiled or seasoned.
  • Scanpan pans have an ergonomic handle for comfort.
  • The handles on Scanpan pans will never come loose - the patented handle assembly uses no screws or rivets.
  • Scanpan pans have a machined base for perfect contact on ceramic,electric and aga hobs.
  • Scanpan pans are oven safe up to 260degrees C.
  • Scanapan pans are dishwasher safe.
Scanpan Classic Titanium Non Stick Pans - See Our Full Range Here


  • ADVICE - Always clean your pans immediately after use. If foods or oils remain on the pan, they can build up a fine residue which interferes with the pans performance. After some time this affects all nonstick pans. To bring pans back to peak performance simply fill with warm soapy water and cook on top of the stove for 20 minutes.l
  • Afer some time scuff marks may appear on your pan. These do not penetrate the ceramic titanium surface and will not impede performance.

Scanpan pans are forge cast under 200 tons of pressure - to remove all air pockets and other inclusions. Pans produced in this way provide perfect heat distributuin without annoying hot spots.

Scanpans patented surface techmology produces pans with a permanent non stick surface. A ceramic titanium compound is super - heated to 36.000 degrees farhenheit. At this point it becomes liquid and is fired at the pan at twice the speed of sound. It is now permanently anchored on to the pan and will not come off.