Staub Grill Pan with one long handle

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Canadians enjoy nothing better than a barbecue. There is hardly a meal that we won't barbecue to cook outdoors with family and friends. To barbecue a premium cut of meat, many experts recommend a grill pan. Staub's grill pan is a healthy way for you to fry or grill meat, fish and vegetables while retaining the characteristic barbecue aroma. The pan is square-shaped with a practical short handle. The cooking surface is ridged to give food that characteristic grilled look. The grill pan is made of cast iron and suitable for any heat source. It retains heat and then disperses it evenly during cooking. The pan is robust and scratch-resistant. With each use, its special features become increasingly evident. Staub's grill pan enables you to experience the typical atmosphere of a barbecue at home, and is also a stylish and versatile pan to add to your cookware collection.

  • Ribbed surface for caramelised grill marks
  • Suitable for use on all cook-tops, including induction
  • Can be used on the barbecue
  • Oven safe
  • For best results clean by hand
  • Made in France
  • 30 X 30