Staub Tea Kettle - Black

Staub Tea Kettle - Black

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The black kettle from the Staub Specialities series is made of cast iron, which retains heat for a very long time and is thus well suited for having a nice cup of tea with your friends. Not only does it have a lid, but it also features a handy device for hanging the tea strainer. When holding onto the stainless steel handle, its lid stays firmly in place to make the kettle easy to use.

The round tea kettle has a diameter of 16.5 cm and a height of 18 cm and it can hold up to 1.15 litres. This kettle is equipped with a black matt enamel on the inside, making it very durable and easy to clean. You can heat water for tea on any type of hob, including induction hobs.

You can use Staub’s aesthetically pleasing tea kettle with elegant handles made out of stainless steel for other things other than just preparing tea. It is suitable for heating water because the cast iron quickly transfers heat and distributes it optimally over the entire surface. Thus, this tea kettle can be used to make a delicious tea, but also to make a soup and serve it in the kettle, as is done in Asian cultures.

  • Suitable for boiling water and to steep tea
  • Tea remains hot for a long time
  • Tee ball is hooked in underneath the knob
  • Suitable for all types of hobs, including induction
  • Also for serving soups in an original way

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