The Avocado Sock

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The Avocado Sock is an all-natural, effective way to ensure you have a perfectly ripe avocado every single time.

Simply insert an un-ripened avocado into the sock, and place in a warm, dry place. Do not remove avocado from sock while ripening. Press gently on avocado through top opening to check for ripeness. Avocado is ripe when it yields to soft pressure. It will ripen in as little as 24 to 48 hours.  

The natural lanolin and warmth of the wool helps to ripen the avocado more quickly and evenly. As an avocado ripens, it exudes an ethylene gas that is trapped by the avocado sock to further enhance the ripening time. The avocado always ripens perfectly in the avocado sock with no bruising and no waste.

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