Things Go Better With Coke

Things Go Better With Coke

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Wrapped up in a COCA-COLA® scarf, this polar bear mom shares a warm hug and a cold COKE® with her precious cub. This endearing portrait is sure to give you the warm fuzzies and inspire you to cuddle up with a refreshing COKE. Presenting the Things Go Better with COKE Figurine, an officially licensed limited edition, exclusively from The Hamilton Collection. Every inch of this adorable COCA-COLA collectible polar bear figurine is handcrafted and painted entirely by hand with rich glossy highlights.

From the polar bears\' realistic-looking fur and the \"snowy\" base with its sweet sentiment, to the COCA-COLA Red Disc Icon rising above them and the perfectly recreated contour bottles of COKE chilling in the icy snow, every inch is masterfully crafted with amazing attention to detail.

Measures approximately 5\" H; 12.7 cm H