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Ancient myths record tales of the dragon’s covetous desire to protect and hoard its magnificent treasures. Today, where legend meets the 21st century, you’ve found the “Eternal Guardian” dragon in his lair of faux amethyst crystals, jealously guarding a mystical glass orb of swirling colours and constant motion. What is this treasure? A magical plasma ball whose energy is drawn to the touch of your finger!

“Eternal Guardian,” Premiere Edition in the Protectors of the Realm Plasma Ball Sculpture Collection, is both fearsome and irresistible in all his hand-sculpted, intriguingly detailed glory. Intricate scales, horns, arching wings, and a serpentine tail make this sharp-eyed dragon a treasure in and of himself. He cradles a clear glass orb, which is filled with a mixture of harmless gases (such as helium) that react with voltage from an interior electrode, forming plasma filaments inside. At your touch, the plasma filaments extend outward, responding with multiple, constant beams of coloured light. No wonder the dragon guards it so carefully! With its bright colours in non-stop motion, the effect is absolutely mesmerizing.

Measures 7 in. H x 5¼ in. W.

Uses 4 AAAA batteries, not included.